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Campbell's Gold by David Schey


David Schey

David's first novel, Campbell's Gold, was published in April 2005.  Campbell's Gold is an historical adventure/mystery novel about an old-time miner, his grandson (a geology professor), and a gold mine in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.  This book is rich in geology, adventure, and history.  Some surprises await the reader in solving the mysteries of the old miner's death and the lost vein of gold..

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Ancestors of Gods

David Schey

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Ancestors Of Gods by David Schey Ancestors Of Gods, published in November 2010, is an adventure story about an archaeologist who discovers an Early American habitation site initially occupied approximately 13,000 years ago.  The story compares and contrasts the science vs. religion conflicts of today with what they may have been like in the past when religion consisted primarily of magical ritual and ancestor worship and science was practiced by lone skeptics.

Chocolate Mountains, a work in progress, is a thriller involving a terrorist organization planning the assassination of world leaders meeting in San Francisco.  As with Campbell's Gold, a geologist is the main character.  The setting for Chocolate Mountains starts in the desert of southeastern California and ends in San Francisco.

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